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January 2024 Update

Updated: Jan 24

The Southside Gateway Community Plan team held two events in December: a community engagement meeting and the first working group session.

December 12 | Working Group Sessions

The Southside Gateway Community Plan team held the first of six monthly working group meetings at the Lorain Public Library main branch with stakeholders across the community. 

The kick-off event was attended by over 40 individuals from organizations across the city. They were divided into six groups that focused on:

  1. Education

  2. Youth Programming

  3. Workforce Development

  4. Support Services

  5. Public Health and Safety

  6. Arts and Culture

Community stakeholders at kickoff Working Groups meeting

Attendees were welcomed by Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority, City of Lorain, and LRK. They were presented with updated information about the Southside Gateway Community Plan. The six working groups were facilitated by the City of Lorain, CSU's Levin College Public Affairs Education, LRK, and In Our Best Interest, the project’s education consultant.

In small group sessions, the working group members shared information about programming in their area and identified gaps and opportunities. Some of the highlighted needs included shared meeting space for youth, a greater relationship between employers and workforce training programs, and more Spanish interpretation services. They expressed that the community feels a sense of isolation in the neighborhood, and they want to cultivate a culture that prioritizes education, trust, and communication. 

Feedback from the working groups will be incorporated into the Community Plan. The next working group sessions will be held in mid-January.

Interactive boards for Southside Gateway community amenities

December 13 | Community Meetings

Three community meetings were held throughout the day at the Living Word Church. Residents of the South Lorain neighborhood were provided breakfast, lunch, or dinner, depending on the meeting they attended.  Everyone who attended received a raffle ticket for a gift card giveaway.

There were four interactive content tables and a dedicated children's table.

Neighborhood: Participants were asked to share which amenities they would like to see in the neighborhood and where. They identified their preferences by placing markers on a map. 

Housing: Participants voiced opinions on what housing styles and layouts they would like to see given a choice of several styles and possible densities.

People: Education consultants discussed with residents their views and visions for education in South Lorain.

Early Action Activity: Community members viewed preliminary visuals of a dedicated South Lorain Community Center and shared their feedback with the designing architect.

Children’s table: Youth attendees were asked to draw a picture prompted by the question: “What do you want to see in South Lorain?” The children’s drawings included the desire for a new park and a football field.


The next community engagement event will be held on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, at 5:30 PM for Southside Gardens residents. Southside Garden residents will be shown preliminary visuals of the dedicated South Lorain Community Center and will be asked to share their feedback.

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