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Job Opportunity as a Southside Resident Ambassador

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

The Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority is looking for four Southside Garden Residents to be leaders in your community! Southside Resident Ambassadors will spend about 10 hours a week building relationships and collaborating with fellow Southside Garden residents.


  • Build relationships with local community members and leaders

  • Give input for the Southside Gateway community plan

  • Conduct outreach and help residents with questionnaires designed to inform Southside Gardens community planning efforts.

  • Take part in community meetings and support engagement efforts

  • Relay feedback from the community to the Southside Gateway Planning Team

  • Encourage residents to participate in meetings and questionnaires to ensure the community’s voice is heard in neighborhood planning and decision-making.


  • Current resident of Southside Gardens in good standing

  • High school diploma or GED preferred

  • Strong computer skills, including with Microsoft Office products

  • Experience with community outreach

How to Apply

Apply online at or fill out the job application PDF and email it to with the subject line "Southside Gardens Resident Ambassador".


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