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November 2023 Update

The Southside Gateway Community Plan team held two events at the end of October: a Listening Session with Southside Gardens residents and a Community Plan Workshop.

10/24 Resident Listening Session

On October 24, Southside Gardens residents were invited to spend an afternoon engaging with the planning team. Residents shared their concerns and questions regarding the Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant and its implementation.

Residents provided input about the current condition of Southside Gardens and their wishes for the redeveloped community. Some concerns noted were flooding basements, lack of proper maintenance of the units, and ongoing pest control issues. Residents reiterated the need for a recreation/community center that provides activities for kids of different ages. Residents also noted that transportation is an obstacle, poor lighting around the neighborhood, and continuing issues with crime and violence in the vicinity.

The residents continue to be excited about the Choice Neighborhood planning process and look forward to participating in future community events.

Southside Gardens residents at resident meeting

10/25 Community Plan Workshop

On October 25, the South Lorain community was invited to interact with five stations set up along Pearl Avenue and share their visions for the future of South Lorain. Those who stopped by every station were entered into a raffle to win one of three gift baskets.

The community event also included activities for families and children! Everyone enjoyed the bouncy castle, face painting, and selfie station along with the opportunity to meet community partners.

The team was energized and excited to meet more members of the South Lorain community and looks forward to working together to create the Southside Gateway Community Plan.

Early Action Activity Station

There is $200,000 available to build a small physical project that will remain in the neighborhood through the planning phase and beyond. Event attendees reviewed possible early action activities and evaluated the different ideas through a series of interactive boards.

Southside Gateway event attendees in the shipping container

Neighborhood Station

Community members evaluated possible neighborhood amenities through an interactive process that identified opportunity areas for housing, retail, and commercial buildings; new parks; trails; etc.

Event attendees shared where they perform day-to-day activities and discussed their experiences walking, driving, and biking through the neighborhood, in addition to pointing out areas where they feel safe or unsafe.

Southside Gateway event attendees at the neighborhood station

People Station

Community members indicated on a map the areas where they access services, programs, and resources in the neighborhood and shared whether there are any programs or activities missing that would benefit their families.

Notes on the board at the people station

Housing Station

Community members were asked to view and evaluate possible housing styles and future density. They performed activities with a LEGO game board to imagine the urban design, housing, and layout options for the South Lorain neighborhood.

Southside Gateway event attendees at the housing station

Process Station

LMHA and the City of Lorain shared the elements of the Choice Neighborhood initiative, timeline, and road to implementation. Community members were informed of the various ways to engage with the planning process and given the opportunity to sign up for working groups in their areas of interest.

The next planning event will be held on Wednesday, December 13, 2023. Follow Southside Gateway on Facebook to stay informed!


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