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Take the survey today!

Updated: Apr 17

You can make a difference! Your voice matters. Share your vision for the future of South Lorain by completing our community assessment survey.

How to take the survey?

The survey is closed.

Take the 15-minute survey online or email to request a printed copy.

All survey responses will be anonymous. There are no identifying numbers or names on the survey. Only the combined results and final analysis will be made available. Your answers and your decision to take or not take the survey will NOT impact your housing or residency in any way.

Who should take the survey?

As of September 26, nearly 100% of South Gardens households have completed the survey!

We encourage ALL residents living in the plan's geographic target area to participate and share their vision for the neighborhood transformation.

How will the survey data be used?

Once the surveys are completed, the planning team will compile, analyze, and share the results of the community needs assessment. Together, we will develop solutions for your key concerns.


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