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June 2023 Update

We've kicked off our community engagement phase!

Two June events brought together Southside Gardens residents, community members, and project partners to learn more about the HUD Choice Neighborhood Plan grant, the purpose of the project, its goals, and timeline.

On June 7th, Southside Gardens residents gathered at Stevan Dohanos Elementary for the Resident Information Exchange event. The gymnasium was transformed into a colorful community space with banners and interactive stations.

The event introduced the Choice Neighborhood program components – Housing, People, and Neighborhood – and what they mean for the project. It gave residents the opportunity to learn about the planning process and how to get involved. Residents were encouraged to provide feedback on community enhancements that could improve their quality of life. For example, several residents mentioned the need for a recreation center and parks. Others expressed a desire for better grocery shopping in the area. Residents also provided feedback on the strengths of the neighborhood, including “togetherness” and “lovely people.” One resident explained that “inclusion will be the key” to a successful planning process.

Attendees at Southside Gateway Community Plan event

This event also introduced the planning team to the current Southside Gardens households. Those who attended participated in many activities to learn about the project, exploring maps of current conditions and proposed improvements to the neighborhood and review the community plan’s goals. At each station they had the opportunity to share comments and ideas.

Attendees at Southside Gateway Community Plan event

On June 8th, back at the Stevan Dohanos Elementary gymnasium, the team invited the entire South Lorain community to attend a Community Expo. Community members and partners were encouraged to learn about the Choice Neighborhood program and voice their opinions on the project.

Attendees at Southside Gateway Community Plan event

The South Lorain community learned about new and current resources, events, and programs available to them from local groups. Residents interacted with organizations including:

Attendees at Southside Gateway Community Plan event

The resident and community engagement meetings are extremely valuable, as they give South Lorain residents the opportunity to share their opinions and shape the neighborhood plan.

Did you miss the Resident Information Exchange and Community Expo meetings?

There will be more opportunities to participate between now and the final plan. The next community meetings will take place at the end of July. We hope to see you there!


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