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July 2023 Update

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Community events in July included a Resident Listening Session and Community Block Party!

On July 26th, the Southside Gateway Community Plan team held a Resident Listening Session at the Southside Gardens Community Resource Center. All residents were invited to participate in individual meetings with team members that were designed with the purpose of providing them with a review of the Choice Neighborhood Plan (CNP) process as well as an opportunity for everyone to share input about the current conditions of Southside Gardens, as well as sharing their hopes for the future.

Residents were invited to come and enjoy a barbequed meal for them and their families, as well as a kids table where the little ones could have some fun while their parents engaged with the team. Family members were able to sit individually with team members and discuss their concerns and their visions for the future of the neighborhood.

Some of the most common commentaries include the need for playgrounds and places were kids can engage in both recreational and educational activities in addition to sporting facilities (basketball or volleyball courts), a swimming pool or a splash pad, as well as expressing their need for a grocery store in the neighborhood, besides the lack of public transportation.

During the event, the team took the time to talk to residents not only about CNP and the neighborhood, but Southside Garden residents were also given the opportunity to provide input about the specific housing desires and wishes that would meet their family’s needs. Residents expressed concerns about the lack of air conditioned in some units, and how they would benefit of including units geared towards families with members with special needs.

The following day, on July 27th, the entire community of South Lorain was invited to have fun at a Block Party, for which two city blocks remained closed on Globe Avenue, between 28th and 31st. The purpose of the Block Party was to introduce CNP to the greater community of South Lorain and have neighbors engage with each other and the team.

At this completely free, family-friendly event, residents got to enjoy dinner and a variety of activities that included a bounce house, face painting, a glam truck, game truck, and a DJ among others, as well as several vendor tables from community parties that chose to have informational tables present at the event, such as:

Did you miss the Community Block Party?

There will be more opportunities to participate between now and the final plan. The next community meetings will take place at the end of October. We hope to see you there!


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