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"Imagine Lorain" Mural

“Imagine Lorain" is a 20' x 10' canvas, fabric, and painted mixed media mural by FireFish Arts. It represents rich diversity and endless possibilities in reimagining South Lorain. 

The left side of the mural/quilt reflects the cultural mix of the city that makes Lorain, “The International City.” A large question mark on the right side of the mural sparks conversation and invites responses in imaging South Lorain’s future.

The mural was first featured as a work-in-progress at a Southside Gateway event in October, where residents shared what they would like to see in their neighborhood. FireFish Arts displayed the mural on the side of a shipping container to show how the arts, even in small spaces, can make a difference in neighborhood redevelopment and placemaking.

After the event, Lorain youth from the ACES program worked alongside the local artists to complete the mural. The teens explored the diversity of their community and the assets and institutions that they see as community strengths. 

You can see this collaborative work of art in the storefront of 544 Broadway. The mural was commissioned by the Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority (LMHA).

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About FireFish Arts

FireFish Arts is a non-profit community-based arts organization working to revitalize the city of Lorain by providing pioneering arts programming, community art access and outreach, and critical arts leadership. At the core of this effort is supporting the vital role artists play in their community.

Their vision is a vibrant and inclusive Lorain that features artists, community, and youth having access to high-quality arts programming, creative spaces, authentic small businesses, accessibility, and revitalized infrastructure.

FireFish Arts supports the vital role artists play in the community by showcasing and highlighting local artists, musicians, and performers and providing them with paid work. They partner with artists across genres to create exceptional arts programming for community members and youth, and they advocate for the role of artists as important professionals and entrepreneurs in Lorain.

To transform lives and communities, the SPARKS! project connects artists and youth together in arts and STEAM enrichment projects.


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